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Heat Management Device ARKA Savant

Heat Management Device ARKA Savant

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The ARKA Savant is a modular heat stabilization device that is customizable to almost every hookah bowl on the market. The different adaptors and plates allow the Savant to become the most unique and versatile HMD. The Savant comes with the medium bowl adaptor and a standard plate.

  • The World's First Modular HMD
  • The World's Dual-Metal HMD
  • The World's First HMD Designed using Thermal Mapping Technology
  • The World's First HMD Engineered for use with Foil

Experience the Savant - tuned to cater to your smoking preferences, with exceptional ease of use, and the first of its kind to work with virtually any bowl.

The ARKA Savant is CNC machined from a single cylinder block of Pure Billet Aluminum, making it the first to not be die-cast using casting aluminum - which is a low cost alloy.

In addition to the 316 Stainless Steel laser cut inner plate that work together to bring you unparalleled flavor and performance.

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